Success is Living in your own time (Ep.10)

Success is Living in your own time (Episode 10)
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Success is Living in your own time (Ep.10)


Episode 10 of Success is _ podcast with guest Mike Abdelnour is live today. Mike Abdelnour is a licensed real estate professional and mortgage loan officer who finds success in helping people secure funds for their property purchases. Mike was a W-2 employee who soon realized he didn’t want to work for someone else. It was then he found his passion in real estate. Mike found that money doesn’t equal living a content and happy life; spending his time efficiently to enjoy things while making money was his passion. This inspired Mike to own his time independently. Real Estate helped to make this possible and Mike found a sense of joy in his newfound freedom with his wife being very supportive of him. 

Mike defines success as owning your time and doing things that make you content and happy. Being able to make time for his family and make time for himself is what drives Mike to continue to pursue his passion for his business. Mike exceeded the goal he set for himself upon starting in just a few short years. His next step is to connect with professionals in different industries such as real estate agents, insurance providers, title companies, and entrepreneurs to build and expand his network.

Mike had an interesting reason for deciding to leave his work for someone else and break his comfort zone in order to pursue what he wants in life. Mike takes a huge risk and succeeds in finding the things that give him contentment. Listen as Mike teaches you how important taking risks are and how he finds the will to do it.

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