Success is Growing Your Network (Ep. 13)

Success is Growing Your Network with Scott Aaron
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Success is Growing Your Network (Ep. 13)


Episode 13 of Success is _ podcast with guest Scott Aaron is live today. Scott Aaron is an award-winning online marketer, three times bestselling author, top podcaster, and speaker who has overcome challenges, finding the resilience and strength to reinvent himself and build connections, community, and impact with the people around him.

As someone who acquired the millionaire status in life and then subsequently walked it, Scott defines success as connecting with people, communicating, creating the life you want, creating the life you deserve, and doing it your way. As a person who had a love and hate relationship with social media, Scott shares his expertise and experience in getting yourself connected with social media platforms and making use of it to help your business and not just get addicted and being sucked into it. 

Listen as Scott shares valuable information on how he saw the potential of what social media could really do for one’s business and how conversation can drive conversation into your chosen field. His expertise in LinkedIn gives insightful ideas to people looking to use LinkedIn as a primary tool for their business.

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