Success is Fulfilling Your Purpose (Ep. 12)

Episode 12 of Success is _ podcast with guest Catherine Bell
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Success is Fulfilling Your Purpose (Ep. 12)


Episode 12 of Success is _ podcast with guest Catherine Bell is live today. Catherine Bell is a former hedge fund manager, radio show host speaker, investor, author, and entrepreneur. She is best known as a master coach of creating systems and structures that lead to many profitable incomes and has successfully completed hundreds of investment deals with her investors, which she called her “raving fans”.

Catherine defines success as doing what she wants when she wants, and with whom she wants. Coming from an extremely poor family who had been in and out of different homes and raising her brothers and sisters with no food and no permanent place to stay, Catherine often times experienced the feeling of not being able to breathe, and that became her driving factor in achieving so many things in life and has shaped who she is now. Catherine wants to make a difference, and from her experience in life, she wants to make a better place for people like her who suffer from extreme difficulties in life. Catherine wants people to know that no matter what the circumstances are, you are not built into where you are born; you can change your future and yourself as long as you have the dedication for it and are willing to make it happen.

Listen to Catherine as she recalls her past and defines the struggle that shaped who she is today. She describes the road to her success in a way that many of us born into low-income families can relate to.

Teaching everyone the value of money and giving something back makes a difference.

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