Success is Feeling Better Everyday (Episode 25) 

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Success is Feeling Better Everyday (Episode 25) 


Sheryl Lynn is the CHAIR of Joy and Chief Visionary Officer of Joyely. She evokes joy everywhere she goes. She is an Advisor and Thought Council Member of the C-Suite Network.

Sheryl explains her personal definition of success. She thinks that success is measured not by material possessions or social standing, but by the quality of one’s internal life on a daily basis. According to her, if a person can feel good or better than they did before for 80–90% of their day, then they have achieved success.  The factors that contribute to this state of mind include things like self-assurance, regularity, diet, physical activity, purpose in life, and compassion. Sheryl admits that it took her a while to get here, but she has now understood the concept of success.

Sheryl also reveals the reason for the “Chair of Joy” she designed. She explained that in the five years leading up to the chair project, she learned the importance of meditation and listening to her inner voice. When asked how she maintains her optimism, she came up with the idea of making a chair where people could sit and talk about happiness. Around 10,000 individuals have sat in the chair throughout its travels to 120 different cities. As she decided to find out more about happiness, she began interviewing people and speaking with neuroscientists.

Sheryl also discussed the significance of addressing mental health problems and emphasized that unpleasant emotions are indicative of a lack of mental fitness rather than a mental health problem. She thinks it’s important for people to train their positive emotions by paying more attention to the right side of their brain. She sees that by the end of the day, many individuals are jaded and worn out from their routines, which might cause them to turn to harmful coping mechanisms like alcohol and drugs. Sheryl thinks that everyone should be able to live with less stress and more pleasure, and that everyone deserves to spend their time doing what brings them delight. The steps the speaker took to feel better can inspire others to aim higher and improve their mental health.

Join me and listen as Sheryl and I talk about what it means to be successful all the time, not just in response to certain events or situations. We’ll talk about how she came up with the idea, how she talks about happiness, and how she continues to learn more about this topic by talking to others and experts.

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