Success Is Learning From Your Mistakes (Episode 24) 

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success Is Learning From Your Mistakes (Episode 24) 


Episode 24 of Success is _ podcast with guest Duane Scott Cerny is live today. Duane Scott is a best-selling author, podcast host, and the owner of the famous Broadway antique market Chicago.

Duane defines success as more than just pursuing what you enjoy. He acknowledges that real-life responsibilities can sometimes make it challenging to follow your passions, even though it’s a beautiful idea. Duane himself has been on a journey to find a balance between his responsibilities and his passions, which he describes as an adventure. The key takeaway is that while success may not be straightforward, it’s possible to make it work. To truly understand what brings you happiness, Duane suggests delving deeper beyond the surface level of what you enjoy or believe will make you happy.

Join me and listen as Duanne Scott encourages us to dig deeper and really consider what it is that makes us happy so that we can find a way to balance our desires with our obligations.

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