Success is Being What You Are Meant To Be (Episode 26)

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success is Being What You Are Meant To Be (Episode 26)


John defines success as a concept that has evolved throughout his career, and he measures it by the impact he has on people’s lives through his teaching. John’s belief is that success lies in seeing the people he shares his passion with making a difference. He wishes to measure his net worth not in monetary terms, but in the positive impact his teachings have on people’s lives.

John recognizes that personal accomplishments such as professional advancements and accolades alone do not define one’s success. He believes that true success is determined by how individuals use their achievements to make a positive impact in the world, and one way to achieve this is by assisting others in reaching their full potential.

Join me as John discusses his personal definition of success and its impact on his career and personal life. During the discussion, John will also provide valuable insights from his book “Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership”

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