Success is Building A Legacy (Episode 20)

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success is Building A Legacy (Episode 20)


Episode 20 of Success is _ podcast with guest Dick Grove is live today. Dick Grove is the CEO/Chairman and founder of INK Inc. Public Relations. He specializes in media relations, pay-for-performance PR, financial and crisis communication, digital public relations, and integrated marketing solutions.

Dick Define success as building a legacy for yourself through a company, serving people over the years, and being true to yourself every day and in the end. For Dick, One of the most known components in the PR world is that many people often spin things to cover regardless of what they’ve done, and that becomes a terrible reputation because of the problems within the profession itself. The most common thing that people are seeing today is that typically corporate people are always portrayed as the bad guys and that it has something to do with compensation. It’s more on how many hours you build in order to be successful rather than whether you’ve actually served the client. 

Dick has worked as a PR for 50 years and his business for 25 years, which was way before the internet was a big trend that changed the whole dynamic of public relations and everything else. He says that for your business to thrive, you will have to adapt, or else your business is going to die.

Join me as Dick shares the most significant change in media itself, how everything digital affected how businessmen and women do their business, and how it made the greatest impact with facts and information.

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