Success is A Daily Habit (Episode 19)

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success is A Daily Habit (Episode 19)


Episode 19 of Success is _ podcast with guest Julie Bee is live today. Julie Bee is a Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, Leader of Leaders, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneur. Julie has spoken for 14+ years on topics including Leadership, Management, Employee Engagement and Morale, Workplace Culture, Small Business Ownership, and Entrepreneurship.

Julie defines success as individual fulfillment and being able to clearly define success for yourself. Julie believes that success is something that will give you peace of mind even when things don’t go as planned. For herself, in particular, Julie defines success as doing 3 things on a daily basis: Believing, Meditating, and Laughing. Contrary to popular belief, Julie believes goals and success are totally different. She firmly believes that if you think achieving your goals will make you successful, you will ultimately end up unsatisfied. For Julie, success is something more internal to yourself. Julie’s first lesson in life is to not let others define your success.

Join me as Julie shares insights on her own success, goals, and life experiences.

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