Success is Being Comfortable With Who You Are (Episode 18)

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success is Being Comfortable With Who You Are (Episode 18)


Episode 18 of Success is _ podcast with guest Dr. Orest G. Komarnyckyj is live today. Dr. Orest G. Komarnyckyj is a former Periodontal Regenerative Surgeon of more than 30 years, a Stand-up Comedian, Internet Marketer, Men’s Mentor, Podcast Host, and Blogger.

Dr. Orest defines success as “having everything in every way.” As a podcast host, he frequently heard his guests talk about having everything and not caring about spending money. In addition to achieving multi-levels of financial and professional success, Dr. Orest emphasizes the importance of having 3 things: Personal Security, Physical Fitness, and Family. He describes success as establishing all three of these areas. Dr. Orest strives to be the best version of himself at all times, and although he does not always succeed, he does the majority of the time. This in itself is success for him, which he describes as being comfortable in your own skin.

Listen in as Dr.Orest discusses his insights into success and how living your life in diverse ways and being comfortable with who you are can help you succeed in life.

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