Success is Being Where You Want To Be (Episode 21) 

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success is Being Where You Want To Be (Episode 21) 


Episode 21 of Success is _ podcast with guest Jaimie Beebe is live today. Jaimie Beebe is a Casting Director, Podcast Host, and the owner of the Boyfriend Bikini. Her podcast is called Strictly Stalking, which consists of true crime-related events that focus on Stalkers and their victims.

Jaimie defines success as the freedom to travel and explore the world. She loves to go to places that are considered dangerous. She has been to a few different places and finds it fascinating to hear creepy stories about people disappearing or getting killed. 

On Jamie’s podcast, she interviews victims and survivors of actual stalking incidents. Her love for crime podcasts inspired her to launch the Stalking Podcast episodes to raise awareness and become an advocate for the victims of stalking. Jaimie’s podcast allows her to connect with each victim and find ways to help them. Jamie’s efforts are a huge help for these survivors who are behind the scenes afraid for their lives.

Join me as Jaimie shares one of the chilling stories of when stalking gets out of hand resulting in one victim suffering extreme trauma from being stalked by strangers. 

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