Episode 001 – Success is a Mindset

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Episode 001 - Success is a Mindset


Guest: Daniel Borrero Jr of USA Land Ventures

Episode 001- Success is a Mindset
In this first episode of Success is __ with Philip Portman, founder/CEO of textdrip Philip Portman interviews Daniel Borrero Jr., a real estate investor/coach. He is the founder of USA Land Ventures, a real estate site that trains others to become Investors and provide Real Estate Investment Opportunities. He is also an Investment coach who offers free advice on obtaining properties properly at affordable prices and providing outstanding value. Tune in as I discuss with Dan about how he found success as a real estate investor and some crucial advice for those who would like to follow in his footsteps. Be inspired and learn many new things on how success is defined right here on success is __ Podcast.