Forming Healthy Habits as a Business Owner

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Forming Healthy Habits as a Business Owner

Philip Portman

Create Clarity With Charity with Charity Brown

In this first episode of Create Clarity With Charity, hybrid business coach and consultant Charity Brown of the Now Answer Group interviews Philip Portman of Portman is the founder/CEO of Textdrip, a business texting platform for insurance, mortgage, real estate, and solar sales. He has created several startups from the ground up. He is a serial entrepreneur and enjoys helping other budding entrepreneurs follow their dreams. Philip is a Michigan native, and he currently resides in Holly, Michigan with his wife and two sons.

Tune in as Charity and Philip discuss:

● How Philip went from being on his own at age 17, to working in the corporate world, to starting his own business with

● The importance of setting achievable goals and planning every step to your success

● Why business owners need to form healthy, productive habits, and repeat them every day

● How not to fall into the trap of only focusing on your business, and running the risk of burning out

● The importance of having a business coach or mentor to guide you through the stressful process of owning and operating your own business