Success is The Uncommon Way (Episode 29)

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Success is The Uncommon Way (Episode 29)


Join us for an inspiring story of resilience and determination. Jenna believes that success is finding one’s own uncommon way. Growing up in a military environment, there was a lot of pressure to conform, but she rebelled against it and sought out different experiences. When she entered the business world, she found it difficult to put her differentiated brand out into the world and struggled to excel because of the pressure she felt to be the best. Eventually, she learned to take ownership of her differences and live into them, which led to a more fulfilling life. Jenna founded her own business due to the limited employment opportunities for military spouses overseas. Jenna believes that embracing our differences can lead to a successful and fulfilling life.

Upon entering the corporate world, Jenna noticed that it was simpler to rationalize her failures by claiming that her heart wasn’t invested in the job. Anyway, starting her own business brought about a significant shift in her perspective. She had to assert herself and embrace her differences, which was daunting but also beneficial. Through this process, Jenna gained greater insight into both hеrself аnd hеr clients. By owning hеr unique qualities аnd living in accordancе with them, Jenna wаs empowered tо make unconventionаl decisions that brought hеr closer tо fulfilling hеr deeрest desires. Сonsequently, hеr life became more comрlete аnd sаtisfying.

Through her work, Jenna helps her clients uncover their truest wants and desires, and live a fuller life that aligns with their values. She is a sought-after speaker, known for her inspiring talks on the power of individuality and the importance of owning our differences.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to her story and learn from her experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Jenna’s journey to success, I invite you to listen to her story.

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