Success is Making Work Fun w/ DR. STEVE YACOVELLI (Episode 32)

Phil Podcast
Phil Podcast
Success is Making Work Fun w/ DR. STEVE YACOVELLI (Episode 32)

📌PODCAST EPISODE 32Dr. Steve Yacovelli

Find out the unique point of view of Dr. Steve, an entrepreneur, and leadership expert with almost 30 years of experience as a consultant, change management expert, and advocate for diversity. He is also an award-winning author and owner of Top Dog Learning Group. Dr. Steve firmly believes in infusing work with both enjoyment and significance.

Explore Dr. Steve’s harmonious integration of work and personal life in the post-COVID era, along with his distinctive approach to nurturing the growth of leaders. His latest book, “Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to Be the King or Queen of the Jungle,” led to the creation of an online program that has helped people all around the world.

Join with us as we learn about Dr. Steve’s journey to change the world through training and leadership development.

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